Neeraj Goyat
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Neeraj Goyat

Name :Neeraj Goyat
DOB :11 November 1991
(Age 32 Yr. )

Personal Life

Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian
Profession Boxer
Place Karnal,  Haryana, India

Physical Appearance

Height 1.71 m
Hair Color Black


Marital Status Single


Early Life and Education

Neeraj Goyat was born on November 11, 1991, in Begampur, Haryana, India. He developed an interest in boxing at a young age and started training in local gyms. Coming from a region where wrestling is a popular sport, Goyat's choice to pursue boxing was unique and set him apart.



Debut and Early Career:
  • Made professional boxing debut on May 29, 2011.
  • Quickly gained recognition with early victories.
WBC Asia Welterweight Title:
  • Became first Indian boxer to win WBC Asia Welterweight title.
  • Successfully defended title multiple times.
International Competitions:
  • Competed in various national and international boxing events.
  • Represented India with distinction in international bouts.
Challenges and Comebacks:
  • Overcame injuries and setbacks with determination.
  • Demonstrated strong comeback abilities.

Awards & Recognition

Best Asian Boxer (2017): Awarded by the World Boxing Council (WBC) for outstanding performance and contributions to boxing in Asia.
WBC Asia Welterweight Champion: First Indian boxer to achieve this title, recognized for excellence in the welterweight division.
Pioneer in Indian Boxing: Credited with raising the profile of professional boxing in India and inspiring a new generation of boxers.
Sports Excellence Award: Received from Indian sports organizations for achievements and representation at international boxing events.
National Recognition: Acknowledged by Indian government and sports bodies for contributions to the sport of boxing and representation of the country internationally.
Popular Choice Award: Voted by fans and boxing enthusiasts for popularity and fan following in the sports community.

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