Javier Milei

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Javier Milei

NameJavier Gerardo Milei
DOB22 October 1970
(Age 53 Yr. )

Personal Life

Education Master's in Economics
Religion Christianity
Nationality Argentinian
Profession Politician, Economist, Author
Birth Place Palermo, Buenos Aires,  Argentina

Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 76 kg (approx.)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

Family Status


Father- Norberto Milei

Mother- Alicia

Marital Status Single

Sister- Karina Milei

Javier Gerardo Milei, born on October 22, 1970, emerged as a pivotal figure in Argentine economics, literature, and politics, now poised to assume the presidency. His ascent from economist and prolific writer on economic and political matters to a force in the political arena rattled established norms, culminating in a seismic victory during the primary elections in August. This triumph reverberated through Argentina's political echelons, setting the stage for the ensuing presidential contest in October.

Early life and education

  • Javier Gerardo Milei was born on 22 October 1970 in Palermo, Buenos Aires. He grew up in the Villa Devoto neighborhood and later moved to Sáenz Peña. Milei's mother, Alicia, was a housewife, and his father, Norberto, was a bus driver. Milei has said that his parents beat and verbally abused him, which caused him to not speak to them for a decade; he was supported by his younger sister Karina and his maternal grandmother.
  • Milei attended Catholic schools, including the secondary school Cardenal Copello. At school, he was nicknamed El Loco ("The Crazy One") for his outbursts and aggressive rhetoric.
  • Milei obtained an economics degree from the private University of Belgrano (Licentiate) and two master's degrees from the Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social [es] and the private Torcuato di Tella University.

Economics career

For over 21 years, Milei has been a professor of macroeconomics, economics of growth, microeconomics, and mathematics for economists. He is a specialist in economic growth and has taught several economic subjects in Argentine universities and abroad. He has written more than 50 academic papers.

He is also a member of the B20 and a member of the Economic Policy Group of International Chamber of Commerce, an advisor to the G20. For 15 years, he worked at the private company Corporación América as the chief economist and financial adviser to Eduardo Eurnekian.

Rise to Prominence: Television and Public Discourse

Milei's foray into public life began in the realm of television, where he gained recognition as a charismatic and insightful commentator on economic matters. His appearances on popular programs showcased his sharp wit, unconventional style, and unwavering commitment to libertarian principles.

Milei's outspoken nature and willingness to challenge conventional wisdom quickly garnered attention. He became a vocal critic of Argentina's economic policies, particularly its reliance on government intervention and high taxes. His criticisms resonated with a growing segment of the population frustrated by the country's persistent economic woes.

Venturing into Politics: La Libertad Avanza and the 2023 Presidential Bid

In 2019, Milei took the plunge into politics, co-founding the La Libertad Avanza (Freedom Advances) party. His decision to enter the political arena signaled his determination to translate his economic ideology into concrete policy changes.

In 2023, Milei announced his candidacy for president of Argentina, running on a platform of economic liberalism, fiscal conservatism, and individual freedom. His unconventional campaign, characterized by bold rhetoric and a focus on grassroots mobilization, captured the imagination of many Argentines.

Despite facing stiff competition, Milei emerged as a frontrunner in the polls, capitalizing on widespread discontent with the country's economic trajectory. His message of economic freedom and individual responsibility resonated with a significant portion of the electorate.

Political Views and Policy Proposals

Milei's political ideology is deeply rooted in classical liberalism and libertarianism. He advocates for a minimal state, free markets, and individual liberty. His policy proposals include:

  • Abolishing the Central Bank of Argentina
  • Introducing a flat tax system
  • Deregulating the economy
  • Reducing government spending
  • Promoting free trade

Milei's economic views are often categorized as ultraliberal, emphasizing individual economic freedom and limited government intervention. He believes that such policies will unleash Argentina's economic potential and foster prosperity for all.

Controversies and Challenges

Milei's outspoken nature and unconventional approach have not come without controversy. His views on social issues, such as abortion and gun control, have drawn criticism from some quarters. Additionally, his critics question the practicality of his economic proposals and their potential impact on vulnerable populations.

Despite facing challenges and criticism, Milei remains a formidable force in Argentine politics. His unwavering commitment to libertarian principles, coupled with his ability to connect with a broad spectrum of voters, has cemented his position as a prominent figure in the country's political landscape. As Argentina navigates complex economic and social challenges, Milei's voice continues to resonate with those seeking alternative paths to prosperity and individual freedom.

Media career

Alongside his written works, Milei commands a significant presence on television. In the 2018 ranking by Ejes, he emerged as the most interviewed economist on TV. As part of La Libertad Avanza, he contested the 2023 presidential election with Victoria Villarruel as his running mate. His stance on firearms sales and human organ trade generated controversy during the primary elections campaign. Milei stands firm on his intent to revoke the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Bill while proposing the deregulation of the legal market for weapons.

Analysts contextualize Milei's rise within Argentina's recent presidencies, comparing his potential victory to the pro-business government of Mauricio Macri and highlighting his distinctiveness within the political landscape. Milei's acknowledgement of social programs' significance, supporting millions in poverty, indicates a nuanced approach to policy changes, estimating a possible fifteen-year transition period.

Electoral History

In endorsing the Madrid Charter, Milei aligns himself with a document characterizing left-wing groups as adversaries of Ibero-America. His foreign policy inclination leans towards the United States and Israel, intending to relocate the Argentine embassy to Jerusalem if elected president. His symbolic display of support for Ukraine during the Russian invasion and his stance on law-and-order politics underscore his international outlook.


2023President of Argentina La Libertad Avanza14,345,07855.75%1stElected
Electoral history of Javier Milei


2021National Deputy La Libertad Avanza1City of Buenos Aires313,80817.04%3rdElected
Electoral history of Javier Milei