Munisha Khatwani
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Munisha Khatwani

Name :Munisha Khatwani
DOB :09 September 1980
(Age 43 Yr. )

Personal Life

Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian
Profession Tarot Card Reader, Astrologer, Actress
Place Mumbai,  Maharashtra, India

Physical Appearance

Height 160 cm
Weight 55 kg
Body Measurements 35-28-36
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Black



Mother- Shirley Khatwani

Marital Status Married

Sameer Thakur


Brother- Sohal Khatwani

Early Life and Education

Munisha Khatwani was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra. From an early age, she exhibited a strong interest in spirituality and the occult sciences. This curiosity led her to pursue formal education and training in tarot card reading and astrology. In addition to her spiritual pursuits, Munisha completed her academic education in Mumbai.


Television Acting: Starred in popular TV shows such as Just Mohabbat, Shaadi No. 1, and Kahiin To Hoga.
Transition to Spirituality: Shifted focus from acting to spiritual practices, particularly tarot card reading and astrology.
Establishing as a Tarot Card Reader and Astrologer: Gained recognition for accurate predictions and insightful tarot readings.
Built a loyal client base, including several celebrities and public figures.
Television Appearances: Frequently appears on various TV shows as an expert in astrology and tarot card reading.
Workshops and Seminars: Conducts workshops and seminars on tarot reading and astrology, guiding individuals in developing their intuitive skills.
Publications and Media Contributions: Writes articles and columns on astrology and tarot for leading magazines and newspapers.
Celebrity Astrologer: Trusted by numerous celebrities for her guidance and accurate readings.
Social Media Influence: Active on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, sharing daily readings, astrology tips, and engaging with a global audience.
Spiritual and Wellness Events: Participates in and hosts various spiritual and wellness events, offering her expertise to a wider audience.
Advocacy for Mental Health: Promotes mental and emotional well-being through her practice and social media presence.

Contributions and Recognition

Expert Panelist: Regularly features as an astrology and tarot expert on various television shows and online platforms.
Celebrity Astrologer: Trusted by numerous celebrities for her accurate readings and predictions.
Publications: Contributes articles and columns on astrology and tarot in leading magazines and newspapers.
Workshops and Seminars: Conducts workshops and seminars on tarot reading and astrology, helping individuals develop their intuitive skills.


Best Tarot Reader Award (2020): Presented by the All India Tarot Reading Association for her contributions and accuracy in tarot card reading.
Spiritual Excellence Award (2019): Given by the Indian Spiritual and Wellness Council for her outstanding work in astrology and spiritual guidance.
Celebrity Astrologer of the Year (2018): Awarded by the Indian Television Academy for her accurate predictions and influence in the entertainment industry.
Best Astrologer Award (2021): Honored by the National Astrology and Vastu Summit for her expertise and contributions to the field of astrology.
Influential Tarot Reader (2017): Recognized by the Spiritual India Magazine for her impact and prominence as a tarot card reader.
Social Media Influencer Award (2022): Received from the Indian Digital Awards for her significant following and engagement on social media platforms in the spirituality and wellness category.
Recognition for Mental Health Advocacy (2021): Awarded by the Mind and Wellness Foundation for her efforts in promoting mental health awareness through her spiritual practices.

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