Peppino di Capri
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Peppino di Capri

Name :Peppino di Capri
DOB :27 July 1939
(Age 85 Yr. )

Personal Life

Profession Music singer, songwriter and pianist

Physical Appearance

Height 5′ 9″



Bernardo Faiella

Marital Status Married
  • Giuliana Gagliardi(February 9, 1978 - July 4, 2019) (her death, 2 children)
  • Roberta Stoppa(April 28, 1961 - June 1976) (divorced, 1 child)
  • Igor Faiella
  • Edoardo Faiella
  • Dario Castiglio

Early Life and Beginnings (1939-1958)

Peppino di Capri, born Giuseppe Faiella on July 27, 1939, in Capri, Italy, showed an early interest in music. Growing up in a musical family, he began playing the piano at a young age. By his teens, he was already performing locally, blending traditional Neapolitan music with contemporary styles.

Rise to Fame (1958-1960s)

Peppino's career took off in the late 1950s when he formed the group "Peppino di Capri e i suoi Rockers" with his friend Mario Cenci. They quickly gained popularity, merging rock 'n' roll with Italian melodies. Their first major hit, "Malatia," released in 1958, showcased Peppino's smooth voice and ability to appeal to both young and older audiences.

Throughout the 1960s, Peppino di Capri produced a string of successful singles, such as "St. Tropez Twist," "Roberta," and "Speedy Gonzales." His ability to sing in multiple languages, including Italian, English, and French, helped him reach a broader audience. During this time, he became a frequent performer at the Sanremo Music Festival, one of Italy's most prestigious music competitions.

Sanremo Music Festival and Eurovision (1970s-1980s)

Peppino's involvement in the Sanremo Music Festival spanned several decades. He won the festival twice, first in 1973 with "Un grande amore e niente più" and again in 1976 with "Non lo faccio più." These victories solidified his status as a leading figure in Italian pop music.

In 1991, Peppino represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Comme è ddoce 'o mare," showcasing his enduring talent and versatility. Although he didn't win, his performance was well-received, further enhancing his international profile.

Later Career and Legacy (1990s-Present)

Throughout the 1990s and into the 21st century, Peppino di Capri continued to perform and record music, adapting to changing musical trends while maintaining his distinctive style. He celebrated significant milestones, such as the 50th anniversary of his career in 2008, with special concerts and releases.

Peppino's influence on Italian music is profound, often credited with bringing rock 'n' roll to Italy and successfully blending it with traditional Neapolitan music. His extensive discography, characterized by romantic ballads and upbeat rockers, has left a lasting legacy in Italian pop culture.


  • Malatia (1958)
  • St. Tropez Twist (1962)
  • Roberta (1963)
  • Champagne (1973)
  • Non lo faccio più (1976)
  • Comme è ddoce 'o mare (1991)


Awards and Recognitions

  • Sanremo Music Festival: Winner in 1973 and 1976.
  • Eurovision Song Contest: Italian representative in 1991.
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