Macaulay Culkin

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Macaulay Culkin

NameMacaulay Culkin
Nick NameMac
DOB26 August 1980
(Age 43 Yr. )

Personal Life

Nationality USA
Profession Actor
Birth Place New York,   USA

Physical Appearance

Height 5′ 7″ (1.70 m)



Father: Kit Culkin
Mother: Patricia Brentrup

Marital Status Divorced

Rachel Miner


Dakota Song Culkin
Carson Song Culkin

Early Career:

Stage Beginnings (Early 1980s):  Macaulay Culkin started acting very young, appearing in stage productions like Bach Babies at the New York Philharmonic at just four years old.

Small Screen Success (Mid-1980s):  He transitioned to television with roles in shows like "The Equalizer" (1988).

Big Screen Breakthrough (Late 1980s-Early 1990s):  Landed his film debut in "Rocket Gibraltar" (1988) and then stole the show in films like "Uncle Buck" (1989) alongside John Candy. 

However, it was "Home Alone" (1990) that skyrocketed him to superstardom at the age of 8. The massive success of "Home Alone" and its sequel solidified him as one of the most bankable child stars of the era. 

Stepping Back (Late 1990s-Early 2000s):

Career Hiatus: After achieving massive fame in the early 1990s, Macaulay Culkin decided to step back from acting around 1994. The immense pressure and scrutiny of his early fame led him to seek a more normal life away from Hollywood .
Family Issues: Culkin’s decision to take a break was also influenced by his turbulent family dynamics. His parents, Kit Culkin and Patricia Brentrup, were involved in a highly publicized custody battle over his earnings and the custody of their children. This legal struggle added to the strain on young Macaulay .
Education and Personal Growth: During his hiatus, Culkin attended a private high school in Manhattan, seeking a semblance of a regular teenage life away from the limelight. This period allowed him to focus on his personal development and education without the pressures of a demanding acting career .
Occasional Appearances: Though largely absent from major film roles, Culkin made occasional appearances during this time. He performed in a London production of Madame Melville in 2000, marking a tentative return to the stage .
Legal Issues and Personal Struggles: Culkin faced some legal troubles in the early 2000s, including an arrest for possession of marijuana and other controlled substances in 2004. These issues brought him back into the public eye, albeit under less favorable circumstances .

Recent Work and Activities:

Television Appearances: Made a notable guest appearance in the TV series The Jim Gaffigan Show in 2015, playing a fictionalized version of himself.
Appeared in the popular series American Horror Story: Double Feature in 2021, marking a significant return to television acting​ (Sporting News)​.
Voice Work: Provided voice work for the animated series Robot Chicken, where he has contributed to various episodes over the years​ (Showbiz Magazine)​.

The Pizza Underground: Formed a comedy rock band called The Pizza Underground in 2013, known for parodying songs by The Velvet Underground with pizza-themed lyrics. The band gained a cult following and performed at various venues before disbanding in 2018​ (The SportsGrail)​.