Sadhvi Purnima ji
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Sadhvi Purnima ji

Name :Sadhvi Purnima ji
DOB :10 July 1972
(Age 50 Yr. )

Personal Life

Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian
Profession singer, Music artist
Place  India

Didi was born on 10 July 1972. When she was 08 years old, Shri Bihari ji came in her dream and ordered that now you have to spread the nectar of Harinam Sankirtan to the public. On December 10, 1996, Poonam Didi came to Vrindavan for the first time and visited Shri Bihari ji sitting in Vrindavan and Shri Ladli Ju sitting in Barsana Dham.

And just by having a darshan, his mind was thrilled and a feeling arose in his heart that now you have no one in the world, whatever is there is here in Brijdham.

Didi got abode in Brij in the year 2000 by the grace of Shri Bihari ji, Ladli ji, parents, acharyas, saints  and since then till today Purnima didi is living in Barsana Dham.

Poornima didi's message to the devotees

Didi always says that the love she has had with Priya Priyatam is not of one birth, but of birth after birth.

Poonam Didi says that worldly studies begin in childhood and after completing studies we enter the household life.

Then one day the body dies while living the next life and a new life begins again in the next birth.

And again the same process starts from the beginning, that means every time the same process happens, but the rule of our spiritual journey is something like this:

Where our spiritual journey ends in this life, in the next life it starts from there and not from the beginning.

Similarly, the grace of Mr. Ladli Joo and Mr. Bihari Joo is on them not only from this birth, but from many births and they have also felt this.

Poonam Didi always gives this message to her devotees and fans that whatever you do in life,

But keep love in the feet of the Lord, it makes the journey ahead easier and one day God fills us with affection.


If we talk about the simplicity of Poonam Didi, then all of you must have seen many bhajan singers.

But hardly any bhajan singer wears as orderly and coherent clothes as Didi ji wears.

This is what makes Didi different from everyone else. She never makes any external appearances in her Bhajan programs,

His whole effort is to irrigate the hearts of the devotees with the juice flow, which is very wonderful.


What was there in my life before your worship,
       I was an extinguished lamp before your light,

       My life was like an empty shell,

       My value has increased, you have filled me with pearls.

In Dwapar Yuga, God incarnated in Brij and performed Leelas, but I have felt that Thakur ji still performs Leelas in Brij.
Vrindavan Dham is the personal abode of the devotees of Bihari ji.
We have not done as much as Shriji has given us.
There is so much affection nowhere else in the world as in Vrindavan Dham.
No one would have asked until I was sold, you made me priceless by buying.
Chanting the name of Radha has become my homework.
Taking the name of Radha once leads to samadhi, that is taking the name of Radha.
By saying ra ra you become sad, you don't reach the time to say dha, Thakur's grace you know only then, when the state of love or method reaches.
The name Radha needs no publicity.
Now the race is not of crowd, but of solitude.
We are servants at Shreeji's place.

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