Prem Bhushan Ji Maharaj
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Prem Bhushan Ji Maharaj

Name :Prem Bhushan Ji Maharaj
DOB :21 January 1969
(Age 55 Yr. )

Personal Life

Education Graduate
Nationality Indian
Profession Kathavachak
Place Prayagraj, Allahabad ,  Uttar pradesh, India



Mother: Durgavati Mata

Sant Shri Prem Bhushan Ji Maharaj is a well-known Ram Kathakar, as well as an Awadhi and Hindi bhajan singer.

In 1991, he came to Awadh and met many Kathak and Bhajan singers and his interest in Ram Katha started increasing.

He started narrating Ram Katha in 1993, since then he has done many Pravachans, He is very famous for Ram Bhajans in his sweet hymns. Voice which includes Harmonium, Kartal and Tabla as the only musical instruments.

Childhood of Prem Bhushan Ji Maharaj

Indian culture is the oldest culture in the world. Mother India gives birth to many sons in her lap from time to time.

This mother worshiped the idol of love to present Shri Ramcharitmanas from the womb of Mother Durgavati Devi in ​​the Bhavanjali of Pujyapad Tulsidas Ji Maharaj on Tuesday, January 21, 1969, at Tirtharaj Prayag, the king of pilgrimages in Uttar Pradesh of India. Saint Shri Prembhushan Ji Maharaj was born.

Pujyashree's childhood was spent in extreme poverty in Nanihal. After completing his primary education in Nanihal, Maharaj Shri came to Kanpur to pursue his graduation.

After graduation, he also completed his post graduation from Kanpur. Simple by nature, full of decency, Pujyashree remained dear to the teachers.

Ramarcha Temple

On the occasion of completion of 12 years of Shri Ram Katha Gayan in Shri Ayodhya Dham by Pujyashree Shri Prembhushan Ji Maharaj, it was decided in the Shri Ram Katha organized at Shri Ram Vallabhakunj that a grand Shri Ram temple should be constructed.

To fulfill the resolution of Shri Prembhushan Ji Maharaj, the organization "Hum Ram Ji Ke Ram Ji Hamare Hain" took a step forward. Today the construction work of the temple is in progress and soon it will be present before all of us in its original form.

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